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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  KNTV  March 22, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. right now at 6:00, a new resource for everyone in the bay area. a testing facility that will welcome anyone who thinks they have the coronavirus. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you so much for watching us. i'm garvin thomas. we're following major coronavirus developments tonight as cases continue to rise in the bay area. starting tomorrow, hayward will open what is believed to be the bay area's first city-run testing center. we have live team coverage. let's begin with lili tan at the
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new test facility. lili? >> reporter: the testing center will have up to 350 tests available each day. the first responders are expecting many more people to show up as it is free and open to the public. they really want to encourage only the people who suspect they've been exposed to show up here. you don't need doctor's referral to get into tent number one. that's where the screening is happening. to get inside tent number two where the actual covid-19 test is being administered, you'll need to be showing symptoms. fever, cough, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms. only then will you get the test which involves swabbing your nasal cavities and back of the throat. >> there will be a drive-through screening that will happen with first responders. at that point they'll determine whether you are eligible to have the full test and then they'll have that test occur and results will be within, somewhere between six and 12 hours we'll
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get results. >> reporter: the city set up the testing center in order to take pressure off hospitals, test quickly and get people into isolation even quicker to flatten that curve. the doors open at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's when people can start driving up. nbc bay area news. president trump has just approved governor newsom's request of a presidential major disaster declaration. it includes emergency assistance, crisis counseling is that legal assistance. today's white house task force briefing also settled the question of who will foot the bill for california's national guard activation. the president said fema funds will be will have pay the total cost of deploying the guard troops. the u.s. navy hospital ship mercy is on its way to los angeles. meanwhile the country could finally get an accurate number of just how many people have coronavirus by the middle of the week. vice president mike pence said
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the government hopes to clear the backlog of tests waiting to be processed wednesday or thursday. all nine bay area counties have confirmed cases now. napa county announced its second case. they're now more than 600 cases in the bay area. santa clara county being the hardest hit, surpassing 300 cases. two more people have died will bringing the total number dlaed to ten. a santa clara employee tests positive for covid-19 and has been quarantined at home she's been there since march 13th and we're told she's doing well. the county is notifying work here's might have been in contact with the person. meanwhile, county leaders gathering a few hours ago to discuss their response to the growing pandemic. roz? >> reporter: county officials say they are working both the state and the federal government agencies to try to get ahead of what they expect will be a surge
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in these cases. part of. involves the possibility of using the snab clara convention center. the plan is to take care of up to 250 patient who's are not critically ill and who do not have covid-19. we're told this will be staffed by a federal unit. one of the eight field units the governor spoke about yesterday. it will have its own staff, equipment is that supplies. some of which began arriving yesterday. the idea the sow take the pressure off local hospitals. it is part of what the county says is needed to manage the expected surge. >> expanding these resources we have to get more beds. we're working hard to buy more ventilators so we're ready. >> reporter: here's what we're told in terms of the number of hospital beds in santa clara county some of the 2,500 plus beds. about 400 are pediatric. 350 are critical care. they've told us they've identified another roughly 300
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or so that could be converted to critical care beds. in terms of staffing, we're told they're trying to hire. they're looking at bringing people out of retirement to be part of the labor force and they're getting volunteers from people like dent. i who's are saying they can help out during crisis as well. roz plater. nbc bay area news. thank you. a milpitas crossing guard has tested positive for covid-19. the crossing guard last worked march 6th at yellowstone avenue and sequoia drive. it is not clear how they've become infected. and giving important information to homeless people in addition to food and supplies. they met at grace baptist church this morning hand out food, masks, soaps and other supplies. equally important, they passed along information to ensure the homeless know how dangerous the coronavirus is and how to protect themselves from it.
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>> the most important thing is information and ways to fight the virus. nobody else is doing that. we'll keep following up. >> they come out every two weeks and i've held them close the my heart. they're part of my family. >> they plan to do the same thing tomorrow. they're in need of more supplies such as soap and food. artists have been turning to fund-raisers to make ends meet. today the city of berkeley kicked off one big relief fund for artists, tenants and those struggling. michael wrote the money ball among other books. the berkeley musicians tweeted the audience to live performances. the mayor had set aside $3 million to support it. the online fund-raiser is seeking to match that amount.
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stay up to date with the very latest. you'll get the daily news right in your inbox. a live look now at san francisco. we are in a micro climate weather alert. we've seen hail, thunder and thunderstorms in the last few hours. you said it all depended on where you lived. >> yeah. almost by definition, what isolated thunderstorms are like. beautiful weather for a few minutes and then a zip code away, you're seeing down pours, hail, and in some cases, as bure to see, cold core funnel clouds. we'll have that in about ten minutes. san jose, if you're looking outside, it is better than a few minutes ago. intense down pours, the east side into saratoga, santa clara, notice things are starting to
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weaken. not as much orange and red. the trend as we approach sunset tonight, the same showers that took that daytime heating and really blossomed into the thunderstorms, we will still see some rain. we will transition to a cooler forecast. we'll talk about showers coming up as well. still ahead, people have been told not to crowd the beaches. and he's doing something good for bay area health care workers. how a south bay man is helping around the clock. my money should work as hard as i do. so i use my freedom unlimited card to buy all the latest tech stuff.
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here at abbvie, we're inventing medicines of the future to create tomorrows that will be healthier... ...and happier, while making medicines that help people right now. because that's the present we wanted to live in. and that's the future we all want to see. abbvie. here. now. even though we are all under a stay at home order, getting outside is still essential to people's physical and emotional health. but where to do it? in marino county, parks are closed because too many are flocking to spots when they're supposed to avoid crowds. >> reporter: we did see people taking this road heading to the coast. but not as many as yesterday.
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people say yesterday it was more like something you might see near summer. there were so many people out. now the county has stepped in. some say it needed to happen. >> reporter: they held signs urging people not to come because yesterday people did. >> people from all over the bay area coming here and it is putting everyone at risk. >> reporter: she wore protective gear. she lives in the coastal town. she's concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. >> no one is safe from this thing. we have to assume that we are asymptomatic carriers and it is completely unfair for people to come here. >> reporter: late today, the county ordered the closure of all marin parks. they say it extends from the rec areas to the smallest parks. they say yesterday people flocked marin amidst the shelter at home order, clogged the roads and had unsafe social
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distancing. today we saw this sign someone posted urging people the stay closer to where they live. >> that worked in the past. the store was packed. >> reporter: the sheriff's department shared these photos of people headed to the coast today. visitors who stayed more than six feet today. today it was much quieter. >> just think of your neighbor. the less we interact, the better chance our grand parents survive this. >> reporter: in the statement, the county stressed people shelter at home as much as possible and following the order, saying it would be best if visitors enjoyed the weather and natural beauty in their own yards and neighborhoods at this point. reporting lye in marin county. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a similar situation at east bay parks. as of now, there are no plans to
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close them. during our 4:30 newscast, we spoke live with dave mason. he shared important information if do you plan to go to a park. >> the parks are seeing the high usage. it is a challenge as much as a holiday weekend. sfoeks are definitely out trying get fresh air. we need people the follow social distancing. and with the limited staffing packing in and packing out their trash. the district is working with fewer employees. the agency is taking proper precautions. there are a lot of myths circulating about covid-19. we want to dispel against one of them. does a pneumonia vaccine help? they're saying that pneumonia vaccinations are free through
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most providers. a pneumonia vaccine will not help you if you get covid-19. the virus comes with its own form of viral pneumonia. still, many doctors recommend people get the vaccine anyway. those over 65 are especially encouraged to get the shot. the austin, texas company is launching its own covid-19 test tomorrow despite not having fda approval. the fda relaxed the rules on certified labs like eberle because of the huge shortages and long processing times. starting monday, people with a doctor's prescription for a covid-19 test can order one through website. a bay area company carbon health is also offering home testing kits. they're easy to use but results still take three to five days. facebook is the latest company trying to help health care workers. they are donating 720,000 masks
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and 1.5 million pairs of gloves to help health care workers around the world. they are a combination of n-95 and basic surgical masks. facebook said it originally bought the masks for the emergency disaster kits following recent california wildfires. check out what rob tells us was a cold air funnel cloud spotted this afternoon. all day, parks in the area, they seb sent you the pictures and you could see it in the air. what were they actually seeing today? >> reporter: yeah, cold core, cold air funnel cloud, the consensus as it moves from the evergreen area and to the west southwest. here's the radar time lapse.
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you can see right to left, it briefly generated that. a lot of people sent in pictures. right now, it looks pretty stormy but this looks a lot better than did it about an hour or two ago. clearing skies. while the creek is completely dry, as is the case for most of contra county, most of the action was in the south bay. with one exception to the rule. right now, again, notice trend here. less orange and red. the showers weakening as we begin to lose the daytime heating component. the sun which helped prime the atmosphere for this explosion of the thunderstorms and heavier showers, as the sun angle starts to drop. we're seeing the showers lose the convective punch.
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now the cell is rapidly weakening. we almost had an inch of rain. that really shows you the isolated nature of the down pours on one side. so the transition now will be watching the thundershowers start to leave the forecast but still dealing with some showers for parts of the south bay. we'll see a little of that starting off the day in the mid to upper 40s. the wind will be out of the northwest. you will notice, it is much cooler. we see the showers now in the south bay through about midnight tonight, it will start to shift. the northwest winds start to pick up. we'll see a few isolated
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showers. what you're seeing, the trend on monday leads to the tuesday's storm. it will not quite have as much rain potential. you combine that into wednesday. with the mid-week storm, heading into next weekend, the temperatures are warming back up. as we head into next weekend, you'll notice the numbers climbing into the mid to upper 60s. i think once we pass a mid-week storm and tuesday showers, things will be drying out as we head into next weekend. >> thank you very much. now, while we shelter at home just like rob, rob is learning about the weather. he put together an online version. check out the weather classroom on you can find it right at the top of our home page.
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with freedom unlimited. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back. i'm anthony flores. a goodbye letter to tom brady from the new england patriots. the kraft family who owns the team took out a full page ad in the tampa bay times thanking him
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for the remarkable 20-year run. he led them to nine super bowl appearances, winning six rings. the 42-year-old swind the buccaneers in free agency. now, brady will not face the patriots until the 2021 season when the bucs travel to foxborough. all over the country, stadiums are empty. it has led to the cancellation of spring practice. players like elijah hicks are doing whatever they can to stay active and in shape. >> push-ups, jump roams, running hills, doing whateverics to stay in shame. some of my teammates are doing the same thing. it was cool to see. we're all trying to get better. now race fans had a reason
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to cheer today. this is e-nascar imracing. it was filled with some of the biggest names in the sport. 13 of the 20, jimmy johnson, kyle busch, and dale earnhardt jr. even the crashes looked real of jr. will the lead on the final lap but couldn't hold off denny happen religion. hamlin wins the race and pledges to donate money to assist the people in the miami area. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally tonight, when it comes to the coronavirus, the speed of developments can feel overwhelming at times. the changes in the bay area hard to comprehend. we thought it might be a good idea to stop, take a moment and take stock of where we are and how best to move forward. let's begin by trying to put an uplifting spin on a week filled with unsettling developments. whatever the ends date to this crisis is, we are now seven days closer to it. so sure, take a moment to appreciate the fact we've made it this far. but it's no time to celebrate with hugs or high fives for obvious reasons. the coming weeks will likely be so much harder. we are still preparing for a disaster that has yet to hit us with everything it's got. so what we need to do tonight is
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promise each other to be even better. to be even better at keeping our distance from one another and slowing down the spread of the virus. to be even better at understanding we're in this together and taking just what we need. even better about getting creative, to help those already hurting and supporting those who are literally putting their lives on the line to save ours. make no mistake. if this crisis were a marathon, we're still just lacing up our running shoes. it is a scary thought. but the only thing scarier would be if we were helpless to do something about it. and we're not. so let's promise each other to be even better at showing it. >> thank you so much for joining us and trusting us to keep you informed during these difficult times. we'll leave you with a live look outside across the bay as we all continue to shelter at home and
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male: we not onlyn a baycoming, do this bike ride to heality.sts ourselves, but to give everybody opportunity to socialize, to network, to meet new people. doug: we'll meet a man who's building lasting memories with his family and friends along the bay trail. and my son, patrick, explores very different bay trail environments and is blown away.


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